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Standard and Custom Jumpers

Standard and Custom Jumpers

Part No. J-J4/0EZ5W25FT

$ 738.65 / ea.

Available in standard sizes, or made to fit your specifications, our Jumpers are assembled in single or multiple wire sets with lengths up to 200+ feet.  Cam style connectors are installed on each end of the Carol® brand type “SC” cable which we keep in stock at our warehouse in sizes #6 – 4/0.  Type “W” cables in 2/0 and 4/0 sizes can be made upon request.

  • Identification labels with your company's name and contact information are available, sealed with clear and durable heat shrink to one or more of your cables.  
  • Banding with heavy duty heat shrink every 24-30 inches is an option for keeping your wire runs tight and organized.

Price listed is for the sample picture, part #J-J4/0EZ5W25FT.   This is a set of 4/0 Jumpers built with Crouse-Hinds E-Z1016 Cam-loks, Male to Female, 5 wires, 25 feet long.